Sunrise Krishi Karja

Sunrise Krishi Karja

Sunrise Krishi Karja Savings Account is basically for lower and middle class individuals engaged in agricultural occupation.

Sunrise Krishi Karja
7 %
Interest Rate
Sunrise Krishi Karja
10.11 %
Base Rate
Sunrise Krishi Karja
17.11 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: May 16, 2022

Sunrise Bank Ltd

Sunrise bank limited has provided its customers with up-to-date banking services and facilities under the motto Rising to serve. The bank was founded by renowned pioneers and its team is completely committed to creating a dedicated institution to provide all banking needs and services. The aim of this bank is to provide all kinds of individuals in every area, size of transaction and aspiration with the tailor banking service. It has approved the capital with regard to the capital structure of the bank: 5,000 million, Promoter Shares of NRs (51% of the paid-up capital), 1,140.70 million respectively. For public stock, which is 49% of the paid-up capital, 1,095.95 million. This bank is not only open for profit motive But also with the aim to be a friend who will take care of people’s financial affairs and support them. This bank is always in operation to ensure the customer's success.

Sunrise Krishi Karja


  • Loan Application.
  • Photograph and citizenship of the applicant/guarantor, in case of individual applicant.
  • Photograph and citizenship of proprietor
  • Location map of the applicant’s/guarantor’s residence.
  • Certificate of registration (renewed) and PAN, in case of user group, farm, firm, company, cooperatives, institutions, organization, as applicable.
  • Original Land Ownership Certificate (Lal Purja) of the property being offered as collateral.
  • Latest land /land and building revenue receipt.
  • Document issued by government offices i.e. Land revenue office/municipalities/VDCs
  • Formal agreement between the Bank and partner institute in case of joint collaboration.
  • Recommendation letter from partner institute, in case of financing through joint collaboration.

What Is Agricultural Loan?

The term agricultural credit refers to one of several credit vehicles used to finance agricultural transactions. These vehicles include loans, notes, bills of exchange, and banker's acceptances. This type of financing is specially adapted to the specific financial needs of farmers and allows them to secure equipment, plant, harvest, marketing, and do other things that are necessary to keep their farms running. Agricultural credit refers to one of several credit vehicles used to finance agricultural transactions such as a loan, note, bill of exchange, or a banker's acceptance. Financing is specially adapted to the specific financial needs of farmers. It allows them to secure equipment, plant, harvest, marketing, and do other things required to keep farms running or diversify. Credit needs to be available on competitive terms to allow farmers who operate in a free market economy to compete with farms that receive subsidies.

How Does Agricultural Loan Works?

When someone needs credit, they often turn to banks for loans or other credit vehicles. Some industries have special facilities set aside through certain financial institutions as is the case with agribusiness—the business sector encompassing farming and farming-related commercial activities which involve all the steps required to send an agricultural good to market—production, processing, and distribution. This is called agricultural credit, which is available in many different countries. Agricultural credit, which is also commonly referred to as agricultural finance, is an important component of the economy, especially in countries with arable land since agricultural products can be exported. Credit is vital to agricultural businesses because it gives farmers access to capital that might not otherwise be available to them. It helps them secure the seeds, equipment, and land they need to operate a successful farm. Agricultural credit programs not only help farmers and other agricultural producers, but also supports ranchers and rural homeowners with their finances.

Types Of Agriculture Loan 

The agricultural loan is offered to loan borrowers in various forms as listed below:

Crop Loan

Crop loan, also called as Kisan Rin or Retail Agri Loan is a go-to retail loan for agriculturalists to fulfil short term credit needs. Thus it is ideal to fulfil day to day agricultural costs.

Agriculture Term Loan

Banks offer pre-approved loans to the existing customers by doing a check on their credit score and repayment eligibility. Thus, they provide loans at a competitive rate of interest which are less than the usual personal loan interest rate.

Loan for Allied Agricultural Activities

 Agriculture crop loan is offered as loan for allied agricultural activities to agriculturists looking out to fulfil working capital requirements. In addition to that, this loan can also be used to plan out long term investment options.

Farm Mechanization Loan

A pre-approved personal loan can be easily availed sitting at the desk of your house in a real quick time. Most of the lending institutions provide the facility to fill and submit the application form along with the necessary documents through mobile application or website of the banks.

Solar Pump Set Loan

 This loan is offered to the agriculturists involved in small agriculture projects, to enable the purchase of photovoltaic pumping systems. The loan is offered with a repayment tenure of up to ten years to ease out the prepayment of the borrowed amount.

Agricultural Gold Loan

 Agricultural gold loan is a secured loan that can be availed by farmers by pledging their gold. The loan is offered on a lower interest rate and is ideal for arranging funds in times of need.

Horticultural Loan

 Horticultural Loan is an agriculture farm loan offered for land development projects related to orchids or vegetable farms. The loan can be used to cover expenses such as fencing, setting up boundaries, and clearing wild plants and trees amongst others.

Forestry Loan

 Forestry agriculture crop loan is offered for maintenance and raising of crops growing on trees. This loan is a multipurpose loan and can be used for converting barren fields into farms, for creating irrigation channels, or for clearing wild growth in the farms.

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