Prime Nra Savinig Deposit

Prime Nra Savinig Deposit

NRN Deposit product is specially designed to cater Non Resident Nepalese considering their specific requirements.

Prime Nra Savinig Deposit
6.03 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: May 16, 2022

Prime Commercial Bank Ltd

Prime Commercial Bank was founded in September 2007 as the 21st commercial bank in Nepal. It has been classified as an 'A' class financial institution under Nepal's Banks and Financial Institutions Act. The primary motto of this Bank is 'Banking Service to All,' with the 389 total promoters holding 70 percent of the bank's stock. The bank has developed itself at the highest level of financial competitiveness, focusing on offering outstanding service to its customers. The bank has emerged as an emerging player in the financial sector, maintaining excellent relationships with respected clients through an emphasis on excellence in customer service.

Prime Nra Savinig Deposit


Documents required  NRN (Non Resident Nepalese) Saving Account :

  1. Filled and signed application account opening form
  2. Photocopies of Your Passport with pages showing personal details as well as work permit/visa details
  3. Photocopy of your Appointment letter / agreement with employer
  4. Two Passport size photographs of applicant

What Is NRN Saving Account ?

 Non-resident Nepalese (NRN) refers to both the foreigners with Nepalese origin whose parents or grandparents were once the citizen of Nepal and has subsequently acquired citizenship of a foreign country  This term also refers to the Nepalese people residing in a foreign country for more than two years in the process of pursuing profession, occupation, business or employment in any foreign country other than SAARC member countries. The Government of Nepal has enacted Non-resident Nepalese Act, 2008 and Non-resident Nepalese Rules, 2010 with a view to motivate non-resident Nepalese to take part in the all round development of the country through enhancement of attachment towards Nepal. These legal provisions have opened the vistas of opportunities to the NRNs to contribute in the socio-economic development of the country while guaranteeing certain rights and charting responsibilities to them. NRN of both categories are encouraged to obtain the NRN identity card to enjoy benefits as prescribed in NRN Acts and Rules. NRN Deposit product is specially designed to cater Non Resident Nepalese considering their specific requirements. For extending specialized banking service to the NRNs under the Act.

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