Nmb Talab Khata

Nmb Talab Khata

The salary saving account is dedicated to the employees of institutions/firms/ companies where the salary will be deposited directly to the bank. It targeted to Employees of Institution /Firm/ Companies where the salary will be deposited directly to the Bank.

Nmb Talab Khata
6.03 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: March 21, 2022

NMB Bank Ltd

NMB bank has been operating since May 2008 as an “A” class economic institution by the means of Nepal Rastra Bank. It is registered as a commercial bank and generates accountable banking, preferred by means of all stakeholders, enabling customers and customers to obtain their financial desires as a consequence contributing towards customers. NMB Bank has a joint assignment agreement with Netherlands Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden (FMO), a Dutch Development Bank where FMO holds 17% of the Bank's shares and is the biggest shareholder of NMB. NMB Bank has additionally been merged with Pathibhara Bikas Bank, Bhrikuti Bikas Bank, Clean Energy Development Bank, and Prudential Finance. NMB Bank was awarded ‘Bank of the Year – 2017’ and ‘Bank of the Year 2018’ consecutively by The Banker, Financial Times, London. Presently, NMB bank is trading on the Nepal Stock Exchange with the image NMB. NMB has provided a dividend return of 30 percent in the fiscal year 2074/75. NMB Bank Limited has appointed NMB Capital Limited as its share registrar. NMB bank has been turning in the market for minimizing environmental risk with renewable energy and agribusiness. It has been reinforcing and merchandising financial development by working actively in the neighborhood with the global stakeholders as well as promoting sustainability via economic merchandise for the actual economy.

Nmb Talab Khata


Documents Required for Salary Saving account :

  1. Duly filled Personal Account Opening Form
  2. Authorized Letter from employing organization requesting to open salary account
  3. Identification documents such as Citizenship Certificate /Valid Passport issued by Government of Nepal
  4. Two recent Passport (PP) size photographs of the account holder
  5. Identification documents of Nominee along with PP size photograph of the Nominee
  6. Duly filled KYC form (as requested by Banks)
  7. Any other documents specified by Banks

What Is Salary Saving Account? 

A Salary Account is an account to which your salary gets credited. Usually, banks open these accounts on request of corporations and major companies. Each employee of the company gets their own Salary Account which they are required to operate on their own. When the time comes for the company to pay its employees, the bank takes the money from the company’s account and then distributes it to the employers accordingly. The salary saving account is dedicated to the employees of institutions/firms/ companies where the salary will be deposited directly to the bank. It is targeted to the employees of institution /Firm/ Companies where the salary will be deposited directly to the Bank.

Who can open the account?

A corporate Salary Account can be opened by an individual whose company has a salary relationship with us. A Salary Account is created by the employer. The purpose of the Account is such that it makes sense for the employer to be the one who creates it. In contrast, anyone can open a Savings Account. You can choose from various Savings Account variants here. In case of the latter, if you have not closed down or converted any previous Salary Account after switching employers, then be sure to do so, else banks will charge a maintenance fee or a penalty on not maintaining a minimum balance on these now converted Savings Accounts.

Benefits of a Salary Account

A Salary Account offers more benefits (compared to savings account) as it is more profitable to the bank due to its nature of receiving a fixed amount of money every month. The benefits that a Salary Account holder receives, may vary from bank-to-bank. Within a single bank too, there may be different types of Salary Accounts offering various benefits. However, there are certain common benefits that come with a Salary Account – zero minimum balance, free cheque book / passbook / e-statements, Debit Cards, NetBanking, Phone Banking, online fund transfer, Demat Account/services, loan conveniences, Credit Card offers, utility bill payments, etc.

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