Loan Against Share

Loan Against Share

You do not have to sell your securities, just pledge them with us and get overdraft facility upto a value determined on the basis of market value of securities pledged by you. This facility will allow flexibility in funds withdrawal and repayment.

Loan Against Share
6 %
Interest Rate
Loan Against Share
9.39 %
Base Rate
Loan Against Share
15.39 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: May 17, 2022

NIC Asia Bank Ltd

NIC Asia bank has established a history in the banking sector by establishing itself on 30 June 2013 as the first type of merger bank between the two commercial banks, NIC Bank and Bank of Asia. Since its inception, it has been operating successfully and has today become one of the largest private sector commercial banks in the country in terms of the capital base, balance sheet size, ATM Locations and the number of the branches. The Bank has 327 branches in Nepal, 102 extension counters, 64 branchless banks and 469 ATMs. The main focus of this bank is meritocracy, transparency, professionalism, team spirit and service excellency. The main vision of this bank is to be one of the most respectable and honorable banks in terms of financial performance. The mission of this bank is to become a leading bank in Nepal by providing complete financial solutions to its customers.

Loan Against Share


  1. Copy of citizenship certificate of the borrower and all other owners of the securities
  2. Photographs
  3. Documents certifying current salary (for employee)
  4. Paper of Agreements/contracts (for Fixed Income Groups)
  5. Loan Application form duly filled and signed
  6. Firm Registration Certificate/PAN with Board Resolution for obtaining loan and to sign on security documents of the bank in case of firm/company


What is Loan Against Shares?

The Loan Against Shares is a term loan against equity shares you own. It helps you gain the financial flexibility that you need without disrupting your long-term investment strategy. In terms of your fiscal position, Loan Against Securities is a ​better option to explore instead of bringing your investments in other securities like property and gold in the ambit of loans – the shares you own can generate loans for your business. Loan against securities is a loan where you pledge your shares, mutual funds or life insurance policies as collateral to the bank against your loan amount.(Loans against shares not to exceed Rs 10 lakhs if the purpose is for subscribing to IPOs.) You will need to provide a margin amount of 50% of the prevailing market prices of the shares being offered as security.

Pledge of the demat shares against which loan is sanctioned.Loans against shares/securities are monetary loans that are provided against listed securities like bonds, shares, insurance policies or bonds. These loans are very useful in times when cash is needed urgently for any personal or business requirement. Loans against shares are a popular form of getting short or long term loans and the repayment period extends to up to 36 months. The list of securities against which one can get a loan will differ from lender to lender .It is offered against listed securities. Investors can borrow funds against existing investment portfolios to meet investment and liquidity requirements. The money that the borrower has invested in can get him a loan. 

Most often people invest in shared as it is a popular method of short and long term investment. The securities acceptable differ from lender to lender and the lenders usually have a list of securities that they choose from. It is simply to ensure that the lender will not incur loss. If you are a business owner requiring immediate funds, it is the most appropriate financing solution for you. Businesses with expansion plans, or those requiring funds to procure additional manpower, machinery and tech expertise to scale operations. Additionally, salaried individuals in need of immediate liquidity may also optium  for this financing solution.

Individuals who are eligible for a Loan Against Shares

  • Funds: Resident Indians above the age of 18. 
  • NRIs above the age of 18.


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