Super Savings

Super Savings

Super Savings
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Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: May 17, 2022

Nabil Bank Ltd

Nabil Bank Limited is the first private sector bank in the nation and has been operating since July 1984. With the aim of expanding the international standard of modern banking services to different segments of society, Nabil was integrated. In pursuing its goal, through its 118 points of representation, Nabil Bank offers a full range of commercial banking services. In addition to this, Nabil has a presence throughout the nation through over 1500 Nabil Remit agents. As a leader in the introduction of many revolutionary products and marketing concepts in the domestic banking industry, Nabil started a period of modern banking with customer loyalty calculated as a focal target while doing business. A highly skilled and seasoned management team oversees the bank's affairs, including day-to-day affairs and risk management. The bank is completely equipped with advanced technology, including international standard banking applications enabling e-channels and e-transactions. For all its stakeholders, clients, shareholders, regulators, societies, and employees, Nabil is going forward with a vision to be the 1st option provider of full financial solutions. Nabil is committed to providing its stakeholder's excellence in a variety of areas, not just one measure, such as profitability or market share. It is mirrored in its Together Ahead Brand Pledge.

Super Savings


  • Citizenship/Passport / Driving License/Voters ID Card.
  • Birth certificate or minor identification letter in case of minor & citizenship certificate/passport/voters card/driving license of guardian.
  • In case of citizenship certificate not obtained by Nepalese individual, recommendation letter from local body.
  • PAN (in case of availability/requirement)
  • Recent passport size photo
  • Addressing Certifying Documents like utility bill
  • Any other documents if feel necessary and required by the bank.

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