Nabil Nari Karja

Nabil Nari Karja

Women empowerment is the key to economic development of any country. Thus, in line with the objective of government of Nepal for the financial access to all the people and to increase women involvement in the economic activities, develop skills and knowledge for self employment and entrepreneurship thereby assisting in generating sustainable income and livelihood, we offer simplified women run microenterprises interest subsidized loan without collateral base.

Nabil Nari Karja
6 %
Interest Rate
Nabil Nari Karja
8.22 %
Base Rate
Nabil Nari Karja
14.22 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: May 17, 2022

Nabil Bank Ltd

Nabil Bank Limited is the first private sector bank in the nation and has been operating since July 1984. With the aim of expanding the international standard of modern banking services to different segments of society, Nabil was integrated. In pursuing its goal, through its 118 points of representation, Nabil Bank offers a full range of commercial banking services. In addition to this, Nabil has a presence throughout the nation through over 1500 Nabil Remit agents. As a leader in the introduction of many revolutionary products and marketing concepts in the domestic banking industry, Nabil started a period of modern banking with customer loyalty calculated as a focal target while doing business. A highly skilled and seasoned management team oversees the bank's affairs, including day-to-day affairs and risk management. The bank is completely equipped with advanced technology, including international standard banking applications enabling e-channels and e-transactions. For all its stakeholders, clients, shareholders, regulators, societies, and employees, Nabil is going forward with a vision to be the 1st option provider of full financial solutions. Nabil is committed to providing its stakeholder's excellence in a variety of areas, not just one measure, such as profitability or market share. It is mirrored in its Together Ahead Brand Pledge.

Nabil Nari Karja


  1. Loan Application.
  2. Copy of Citizenship Certificate of the applicant / guarantor.
  3. Applicant /Guarantor photograph.
  4. Map of the applicants’/guarantor’s residence.
  5. PAN number with Certificate
  6. Renewed firm and tax registration documents.
  7. Financial / Income / Revenue related documents relating to applicant and/or one house family.
  8. Documents relating to business expansion plan if any.
  9. A document issued by an appropriate government office i.e. Land Revenue Office /Municipality / VDC indicating value of the property being offered as security.
  10. Detail of guarantor, documents establishing relationship, proof of citizenship and age, occupation and income, photograph and other relevant information as required by the bank. (as applicable)

Nari loan / Karja

It is a unique product aimed at supporting woman run SME businesses to supporting woman run SME businesses by providing easy and hassle-free credit facility to meet their total financial requirement. are not economically active in our society or country without female empowerment of the economy, our country economy will not be able to provide women empowerment for actively participation of economic activities in house, society, or country in order to encourage them to start a business venture. It allows women to take loan on collateral base and against group guarantee for their creative, skill or less skilled women of our society.


Benefits Loans for Women

Here are the benefits of our business loans for women.

1. Unbiased process for loan approval

Loan application, approval, verification and disbursal processes are completely based on your entrepreneurial skill. You can apply with us a and get a quick business loan approval.

2.Put your plans into action

With a superfast turnaround time of 3 days, you can put your business plans into action without having to wait for weeks or months.

3.Be your own boss

Loans for women help you retain control of your enterprise and keep your valuable assets protected. Our loans are unsecured, so you do not need a collateral to apply for one, plus, unlike some invoice financing lenders and banks, we do not interfere in the running of your business at all. So, you are in control of your business, always.

4.Reduce cash-flow risks

Loans also allow women entrepreneurs to reduce risk associated with fluctuations in cash-flow. This is especially true for relatively young SMEs and startup ventures. A business loan brings order to your working capital fund as you start building the customer base and attempt capital formation.

5.Become eligible for higher funding

Thus helping in creating credibility and goodwill for your business among leading investors and lenders. Which in turn, can open up the possibilities for getting higher funding or commercial partnership opportunities for your budding enterprise.

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