Mega Utkrishtha Bachat Khata

Mega Utkrishtha Bachat Khata

General Saving Account is designed to take care of customer’s banking and savings requirements. General savings account is a deposit account maintained by a customer for the purpose of accumulating funds over a period of time while earning interest.

Mega Utkrishtha Bachat Khata
6.28 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: March 21, 2022

Mega Bank Nepal Ltd

Nepal Rastra Bank issued Mega Bank its Operating License on 4th Shrawan, 2067 and it commenced banking operations from 7th Shrawan 2067. It lies under class “A” commercial bank which has achieved Nine years of operations and is on its way to realizing the aspirations of 2,396 promoters who incorporated chiefly from middle-class households spread over more than sixty three Districts of Nepal. Mega Bank has merged with Paschimanchal Development Bank and Tourism Development Bank. Banking Services of Mega Bank Limited are dedicated to the whole monetary strata of the Nepalese society from “Halo” to “Hydro”. Mega Bank Nepal Limited is currently trading in Nepal Stock Exchange with symbol MEGA. MEGA has provided a dividend return of 7.85 percent in the fiscal year 2074/75. Mega Bank Limited has appointed Nabil Investment Banking Limited as it’s share registrar. Mega Bank is dedicated to supplying financial options to not just the pinnacle middle or backside of the Pyramid.

Mega Utkrishtha Bachat Khata


Documents Required for General Saving Account :

  1. Filled Personal Account Opening Form
  2. Identification documents such as Citizenship Certificate /Valid Passport/Voters ID Card
  3. Two recent Passport (PP) size photographs of the account holder
  4. Duly filled KYC form
  5. In case of Nominee Identification documents such as Citizenship Certificate /Valid Passport along with PP size photograph of the Nominee

General Saving 

General Saving is the savings deposit accounts are meant for those individuals who have a habit of saving money from their earnings so that they can use it when they require. It’s an transactional interest bearing account wherein a deposit is placed with the bank for an unspecified term and the account holder can deposit or withdraw the funds whenever require through different means. A savings account is an interest-bearing deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution. Though these accounts typically pay a modest interest rate, their safety and reliability make them a great option for parking cash you want available for short-term needs. Savings accounts have some limitations on how often you can withdraw funds, but generally offer exceptional flexibility that’s ideal for building an emergency fund, saving for a short-term goal like buying a car or going on vacation, or simply sweeping surplus cash you don’t need in your checking account so it can earn more interest elsewhere.

How Savings Accounts Work

Savings and other deposit accounts are important sources of funds that financial institutions can turn around and lend to others. For that reason, you can find savings accounts at virtually every bank or credit union, whether they are traditional brick and mortar institutions or operate exclusively online. In addition, you can find savings accounts at some investment and brokerage firms. The rate you’ll earn on a savings account is generally variable. With the exception of promotions promising a fixed rate until a certain date, banks and credit unions can generally raise or lower their savings account rate at any time. Typically, the more competitive the rate, the more likely it is to fluctuate over time. Changes in the federal funds rate can also trigger institutions to adjust their deposit rates. And some institutions offer special high-yield savings accounts, which are also worth investigating.

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