Shubha Laxmi Savings

Shubha Laxmi Savings

Nari Bachat Khata targets women customers taking into account that may help them increase their access to productive resources and saving habits.

Shubha Laxmi Savings
6.1 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: May 17, 2022

Laxmi Bank Ltd

Laxmi Bank Limited was incorporated as the 16th commercial bank of Nepal in April 2002. The Bank has been combined with limited HISEF finance,The first generation financial firm which was the first merger in Nepalese corporate history, was HISEF finance limited. Laxmi Bank is a technologically driven bank which has been categorized as a 'Class A' financial institution and has been re-registered under “Banks and Financial Institution Act” in 2006. This bank is popular among its customers for its creativity and highest quality services. Laxmi bank believes in offering its clients the services of accountability, professionalism and strong ethical tone. The bank 's key vision is the provision of the most integrated financial services.

Shubha Laxmi Savings


Required documents for Women Saving Account

  1. Personal Account Opening Form
  2. Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Signature Specimen
  5. KYC information



Nari Bachat Khata targets women customers taking into account their unique banking habits that may help them increase their access to productive resources. With the maximum interest rate offer, the product aims to encourage our ladies' customers to empower themselves through their savings. It aims to avail a saving solution to the range of women customers by connecting them with to service of modern-day banking practices, enabling them to take control over their financial behavior and decisions. A woman's savings account can be opened either individually by a woman or as a primary holder in case of joint holding. There are many rewards and customized features offered on these accounts and the debit cards linked with them.

Women's savings account will particularly suit women who are looking for a savings account which offers higher benefits at the same minimum balance requirement as that of a regular savings account

Nowadays, many banks provided specially designed savings accounts for women which ensure more security, feasibility, features, and benefits. They provide debit cards with various discounts and offers, waiver on DEMAT account, and low-interest rates on loans as well for their female customers. The idea behind this is to promote financial empowerment among females so that they can learn to plan their finances and also make investments to avoid critical situations.


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