Hydropower & Other Alternative Energy Loan

Hydropower & Other Alternative Energy Loan

Development loan is provided to develop real property, which includes not just construction of the improvements, but also excavation work, infrastructure such as storm sewers and roads, and the holding costs of the property until such time as it can be sold or can support fully amortizing permanent financing.

Hydropower & Other Alternative Energy Loan
5 %
Interest Rate
Hydropower & Other Alternative Energy Loan
7.53 %
Base Rate
Hydropower & Other Alternative Energy Loan
12.53 %
Total Interest Rate

Last Updated Date: May 17, 2022

Agriculture Development Bank Ltd

Agriculture Development Bank Limited (ADBL) is a self-ruling association to a great extent possessed by the Government of Nepal. The bank has been functioning as a head provincial credit foundation throughout the previous thirty years, offering in excess of 67 percent of institutional credit gracefully in the nation. Subsequently, rustic money is the main operational territory of ADBL. Moreover, it has likewise been executing the Small Farmer Development Program (SFDP), the significant neediness mitigation program dispatched in the nation. Moreover, the bank has additionally been associated with business banking tasks since 1984. 

Agrarian Development Bank has a sum of 232 branches under the administration of 10 local workplaces and 60 ATMs (18 inside valley and 42 outside valley) sources.

Hydropower & Other Alternative Energy Loan


  • Identification Related. Firm registration certificate (if business income) PAN/VAT certificate (if business income) Partnership deed (if business income)
  • Collateral Related. Land ownership certificate. Land revenue receipt. Rajinama/Bakaspatra/Anshabanda paper etc. ... income related

What is Development Loan?

A development loan is a short-term funding option, usually for between 6-18 months. It is designed specifically to assist with the purchase costs and build costs associated with a residential development project.
The second stage of the loan is used to pay for the costs of the build works associated with the project.

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